MAYLAND S1000RR exhaust manual


1. Head pipes & Y pipe
After checking the correct position of the pipes first, assemble the two pieces in A->B order as shown below (B->A is also possible, but it may be a little less easy). It is recommended that lubricants be sprayed on the joint.

2. Y pipes & end box
Join the pipe assembled above to the box. When it is combined with the vehicle body, angle adjustment may be required. So for now, tighten it so that it is not too strong so that there is a little clearance.

3. Combining with the Vehicle
Remove the OEM exhaust system and replace it with assembled above in the same location. Align the front/rear joints at the same time, and when the position is finally confirmed, tighten each joint strongly afterwards.

4. Side cover
Finally, the installation is finished by attaching the side cover. Use the enclosed black bolt.